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Alright i'm not going to go on and on about we're going through the dark portal, we're going to bring justice to the warlords etc etc. 

Quite simply, we've done very well to reach where we are right now, in a totally different position than this same time before Mists of Pandaria, when we were 'that new guild' that nobody knew about. People didn't even believe that I was thinking of building a 25m guild. Well people, here we are, a full fledged member of the oceanic community and a recognised name and I owe it to each and every single one of you, past or present members of my raid team that I have had the privilege of raiding alongside of.

We're now embarking on a whole new adventure, and the competition are springing around us like wildfire. That being said, I hope all of you never forget the values of which <Fate> was built upon as we continue to grow and do even better in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion, wiser and stronger from our past exploits in the previous tiers and aim to make an even greater mark on the oceanic scene.

The time is upon us my friends ; we have accomplished much in MoP, but the next chapter in the story of <Fate> is about to begin.

And now,  as per tradition, a cute cat picture for motivation for the levelling grind ahead.

<Fate> are now selling heroic bosses in SoO.

Prices are as follows, matching our friends over at <Kill it Please>
Wing 1 - 100k (Immerseus, Protectors, Norushen, Sha of Pride)
Wing 2 - 100k (Galakras, Juggernaut, Dark Shamans, Nazgrim)
Wing 3 - 100k (Malkorok, Spoils, Thok)
Wing 4 - 250k (Siege, Paragons, Garrosh) - excluding mount and 400k with mount.
Special price for 14/14H - 400k without mount, 550k with mount!

150k for Garrosh only with mount. Individual bosses 30k each, Wing 3 individual bosses 35k each.

Prices are negotiable of course.

Loot rules
<Fate> raider > Buyer.  We are selling the raid spot and achievement, plus the opportunity to coin roll the boss. However, any loot that our raiders do not need will be yours to keep. Seeing as our raiders are mostly 577ilvl and above, the chance of you obtaining loot is considerably high.


Raid spots
First come first served. Please approach or send a mail to any officer for enquiries/booking your spot.

If you miss out on your preferred week, or are unable to make our raid times (we do raid rather late in comparison to others), please do check out <Kill it Please> (alliance) or <Avast> (horde) who also provide heroic sales as well.

Yunahime a Yeah! You have a problem with that? ...
Isilrà Anyone else thinks this pic is what Yuna (TUNA!!) does on a daily basis
On the eve of valentine's day, <Fate> finally attained what has proven to be the most annoying and overdue boss kill of the tier. Garrosh, we came for you, and you died on what was recorded as a valentine's day death.

After the tradionally annoying Christmas and New year's season (for all raid guilds) that decimated the attendance ratio and all the partying that came with it, PLUS Chinese New year (we are an SG guild after all) , family dinners, family problems, missing raiders here and there... and then, when we had full strength team, frequent internet and disconnection issues to key players, things finally fell into place today and this is the result : 

To say that we all felt good after this would be an understatement. Good job all!

Server 2nd overall 25m behind a very strong Avast team, 1st on alliance for 25m, Oceanic 5th 25m, we finally "brought it home strong"

Onward to WOD <Fate>! We are recruiting ALL CLASSES.

Until then, enjoy the long awaited and deserved farm period.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Citesh Good work guys
Starshardzz who sucks during valentine day? Actually, scratch that, a lot do on bed.
Krondormi worst title. power of suck is more appropriate
Worst boss ever , period. On our last attempt of the night, we kill it. Typical.

Garrosh, we're coming for you.

Yes, we're still recruiting for our final push on Garrosh heroic, so if you think you've got what it takes to help us (now or beyond the expac), drop an app now!

Be 570+ ilvl with good heroic SoO experience and especially if you're a dps warrior, hunter , lock, boomy or Ele shaman(with resto os), then we'll definitely look into it. 

Krondormi The fights don't suck. They are not even difficult at current gear. It's the retarded idiots who cannot perform simple ...
Zaliaa Those bosses sucked, retarded idiots whoever designed them.
After some good attempts and close calls. <Fate> is now 12/14H and looking at the mantids with strange hungry looks (yes, we're coming to eat you).

Yeah, we demolished the goblin and all his little toys. 

Good job all, but we still have two remaining.

<Fate> is still recruiting exceptional and geared DPS, namely a warrior and all types of ranged dps!

Apply by clicking on the Recruitment tab above!