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Diskarded 8/13M

Amarathy posted Jul 24, 15

Looking for any skilled recruits who want to raid on a consistent schedule without relying on extensions.  

A very good night of progress met with some nerdscreams as we kill the boss with no one alive!

Check the last 30 seconds:

Kormrok ruined! 3/13

Amarathy posted Jul 6, 15

Tier done

Mitsunagi a posted Apr 20, 15

After a long, arduous tier where we had to deal with so much nonsense...

I'd say the end result was well worth it. Not bad for a guild that some people say isn't a real guild i'd say.

I think we've proven that we aren't just a real guild, but we're also a team. It was a team effort that brought us this result.

Let's look ahead to the next tier team <Fate>, we've earned this.

Serra woot gg nigas
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